Home, Displaced #1 & #2

A diptych about identity and the space women are allowed and able to occupy

A story about willpower and believing in yourself. About Rajae's struggle with self-acceptance and the lessons she learned when she decided to leave home at 15 and become an artist. She also talks candidly about what it is and feels like to be in the middle of an increasingly fierce debate about migration, religion and thinking differently. A show that captivates and binds. Inspiring and recognizable for everyone, young and old! The play was played in theaters in the Netherlands.

Produced in 2017 in collaboration with theater group Urban Myth and the Laak Theater. Directed by Jorgen Tjon a Fong, Screenplay: Ayden Dijkstra + Rajae. Music: Rajae + Efraim Trujillo, Mark Milan, Salex C'Qadir. Scenography/Light Design: Coen van der Hoeven, Production: Liekje Welten.

Photos Sander Stoepker

Home, Discplaced #2

Rajae El Mouhandiz's musical theater performance Home, Displaced #2 goes beyond the culture clash and candidly addresses the space a woman can and does occupy. From December 7, 2018 to April 26, 2019, she toured the Netherlands with her solo performance in theaters nationwide

In Home, Dispaced #2, Rajae El Mouhandiz pays tribute to women through 17 examples. Among them, we meet her mother Habiba, who divorces her husband in 1982, even though divorce by women was prohibited by law in Morocco until 2004, and by her family. But then she finds out that it may be an inhuman task to raise five children abroad by yourself.

Produced in 2018 in collaboration with theater Luxor in Rotterdam. Directed by Wieke ten Cate. Script: Annet Bremen, Image: Bouba Dola, Music: Bamba Al Mansour & Rajae. Scenography: Vera Selhorst. Production: Andrea van Bussel.

Photo: Charlotte Apituley