Concertgebouw A'dam, Photography: Jamain Brigitha, 2004

Rajae distinguishes herself by working in front of and behind the scenes since her studies, in the Netherlands and abroad. As a result, she has developed artistically and productionally as a creator and, in addition to her own artistic practice, has been advising and supporting small and large organizations, from various disciplines and roles, for years. Since 2019, she has involved her impact platform Ellae in this, to increase social impact, challenge the status quo, engage in knowledge transfer and mentor + train talent from her own policy vision and methodology. She has also served on a number of committees: Kinder Jurylid Cinekid (1989), Jurylid Golden C, FPK (2016), Visitation Committee Culture Note (2017 - 2020) and Core Member Advisory Committee Culture Note Utrecht (2021-2024), Sector Analysis and BIS Theater Committee, Council for Culture (2021 -2024), Gieskes Strijbis Podium Prize Advisory Committee (2021 & 2022). Currently in Core member of the Advisory Committee Multiannual Policy Plan Arts and Culture The Hague (2025-2028) and is an advisor at the Fonds Podiumkunsten. Rajae works from Rotterdam in various cities in the Netherlands and internationally in London, Doha and the US. Her focus areas regarding internationalization are also Paris and North Africa. Below you can find more information about her approach and what she can do for your organization.

Strategic policy advisory

Rajae has experience with small and large-scale productions in various disciplines in the Netherlands and abroad. Depending on the need, Rajae will make a plan (possibly with her team) and we will help guide your projects in the right direction and bring them to a success. Rajae is experienced in working with different stakeholders, cultures and therefore has a lot of experience in bridging cultural differences, barriers and expectations. Do you need support in developing a strategy or do you want Rajae as a sounding board for structural advice? Both possibilities are an option. Below we outline the artistic, production and policy support Rajae can offer you. For large assignments she involves colleagues from Ellae to provide a variety of expertise and skill sets. This can be done in the Netherlands as well as internationally.

Practical support

Rajae is both specialist and generalist in her approach and has an interdisciplinary view of genres, topics and audiences. She can support your organization or production with: a. (ongoing) interdisciplinary artistic research, b. strategic or ongoing development of your artistic signature and material, c. strategic or ongoing development and deepening of current and new productions, formats and partnerships, d. (continued) development of expertise in target group approach and co-creation. e. (continued) development of methodology, knowledge transfer and talent development before and behind the scenes. For large assignments Rajae involves colleagues from Ellae, to provide a variety of expertise and skill sets. This can be done in the Netherlands as well as internationally.

Conversation leadership, presentation formats and areas of expertise/interest.

Since 2012 Rajae is regularly asked to speak and give guest lectures, but also to lead talks, moderate or present meetings and sometimes in a double role, where she first inspires through a keynote/guest lecture, lecture or reflection on a theme. If desired, she can assist with program design in the preparations and can assist in program curation. Rajae limits herself to topics within her areas of expertise or interest. Areas of expertise and interest are: Arts, Culture and Heritage, Cultural Policy, Cultural Entrepreneurship, Internationalisation, Diversity and Inclusion, Intersectionality, Emancipation, Feminism, Leadership, Islam and the Arts, Innovation, Education, Fashion, Design, International Working, Diplomacy, Philanthropy, Climate, Ecology, Social Sciences and Imaging. Languages: NL/EN

An overview of clients in recent years:

ArteZ, HKU, AHK, BuZA/Ambassy NL in Rabat, Council for Culture, Municipality of Utrecht, FCP, FPK, Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, Rotterdam Partners, SLAA, Dutch Culture, LKCA, KCR, Woonstad Rotterdam, Haagse Hogeschool, VHU Europe, Royal Conservatory of Music, Nederlandse Vrouwenraad, Concertgebouworkest, Cultuur Marketing, Cultuur + Ondernemen, Cultuur Verbindt Roosendaal, Kunsthal, Sena, de Balie, Club Guy & Roni/NITE/NNT, Cameretten, Arab Film Festival, A'DAM Music School, De Nieuwe Liefde, Utrecht University (LinC), British Council, Theater Zuidplein/Stage-Z/De Nieuwe Helden, Rotterdam Festivals, Muziekschool Amsterdam, AZIZ, Rose Stories, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, LUCIS/University of Leiden, VPRO Dorst, Harper's Bazaar, KF Hein Fonds, Cultuur + Ondernemen, Princeton University, Vrystaat Arts Festival/PACE, Movement Lab Barnard College, Global Lab for Performance and Politics/Georgetown University, Ariane de Rothschild Foundation, Gieskes Strijbis Fund, Caravane Earth Foundation, LVNH, Boekmanstichting, Fonds Podiumkunsten e.ff.