Still HOPE!



It took Rajae 18 years to find the right words: Why she struggled with her existence. Why music saved her life. Why she dares to make her dreams come true. Why she needs to be a game-changer. With this film, Rajae aims to start a much-needed dialogue about the acceptance of Muslim women in the performing arts and in the music industry, as well as reactions to their public presence in the world.

Photo: Mike Velvet

Credits: Wicked Stylish presents: A film by Creative Artistic Feat. Rajae El Mouhandiz. Written by: Rajae & Robert Dume Director: Creative Artistic/ Mike Wennekes (Mike Velvet), Cinematographer: Stephan Schmidt, Grading & online: Dave de Vaal, Styling: Fatima Essahsah, MUA: Hanae Al Hadji & Sandy Nilessen, Score: Coen Molenaar

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